Know us Better

Who I am?

Hello Everyone I’m Sanjit Singha From India and I’m a student and I’m 18 years old.

Why I Created ZeeFlix?

So basically one day while buying Netflix Membership I realize that we spend so much of many just buying all this Entertainment platform’s Membership  So, I thought to create an Android Application which will provide Entertainment content completely Free. So I created ZeeFlix it took me more than 4 months to make it complete and then Finally I did it and that’s not the end after I completing the app I started to add content and there was  always a thought on my mind that if anyone use my app so I will make sure that He / She doesn’t download Any other  entertainment app so I have upload every type of content , I started uploading all movies from 2000s and yeah its goes on.

Our Team?

I don’t have a Team But if you all Keep Supporting Surely one Day we will have our own Team.

Sanjit Singha